Fife Council says attainment is up as pupils get results

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Thousands of pupils across Fife have received their SQA results today.

Grades have been assessed based on other work - after the exams diet was cancelled because of Covid-19.

However, concerns have been raised at a national level after it emerged that more than 90 per cent of grades that have been adjusted have been lowered, with just 6% adjusted up.

Fife Council says attainment among its pupils has improved, with higher pass rates in national five, highers and advanced highers.

Maria Lloyd, head of education, said: "Preliminary analysis of the SQA exam results for 2019-20 show things are improving across Fife.

“Overall the number of pupils gaining national five qualifications has increased since last year and the pass rates have improved. 

"In particular, the pass rate for grades A-B improved by 3.4 percentage points, and the pass rate for grades A-C (including pass awards in ungraded courses, like Skills for Work) improved by 2.5 percentage points.

"Higher pass rates have generally improved. In particular, the pass rate for grades A-B improved by 4.7 percentage points, and the pass rate for grades A-C improved by 3.4 percentage points.

"Overall number of pupils gaining advanced highers has passes have improved significantly across all grades. In particular, the pass rate for grades A-B improved by 11 percentage points and the pass rate for grades A-C improved by 10.5 percentage points."

Councillor Fay Sinclair, convener of the education and children’s services committee, said: "Congratulations to everyone who’s received their SQA results today. With this year’s exams cancelled due to Covid-19, it’s not been easy.

"I’d also like to thank staff who have supported our young people with such professionalism and parents who have probably borne the brunt of the challenge this year has brought.

"For anyone who is disappointed and maybe didn’t get the results they needed, there are people to talk to and alternative pathways available so please seek out that support.

"Although qualifications are important, the learning doesn’t stop here. This is just another step on the way to adulthood, the world of work and future learning. Exams are just one stage in preparing our children for the rest of their lives."

Anyone looking for support can contact the Skills Development Scotland helpline on 0808 100 8000.

There is also more information on the council's website.

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