NHS Fife introducing new uniforms for advanced practitioners

An example of one of the new tunics. Image: NHS Fife

NHS Fife is introducing new uniforms for some of its staff this week in a bid to make them more identifiable.

Advanced and emergency nurse practitioners will now wear purple tunics instead of blue ones.

They are registered nurses who have undertaken advanced academic and clinical training.

It is hoped the new tunics will increase their visibility in emergency situations, as well as make it easier for patients and visitors to identify them.

Director of nursing, Nicola Robertson, said: "I am delighted that NHS Fife is piloting this new uniform.

"It will make it easier to identify registered nurses working at an advanced level delivering care across Fife as part of the wider healthcare team."

A better look at one of the new tunics. Image: NHS Fife

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner wearing one of the new uniforms. Image: NHS Fife

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