Is the end in sight for Inverkeithing's pet pothole?

The end could be in sight for Inverkeithing's pet pothole.

It's been given the nickname Old Faithful and has been shredding tyres and damaging alloys near the train station for the past year despite several attempts to patch it up.

One motorist even photoshopped a Santa hat and a face onto it at Christmas and posted it on social media.

It was first reported last February with SNP councillor David Barratt saying "it's about time" Fife Council got to the bottom of it.

He says it damages vehicles on an almost daily basis.

With Fife Council investing 3 and a half million pounds into the Kingdom's roads, it looks like some of it will go towards fixing it for good after repairs to nearby manhole covers are complete.

The local authority says the money will help deal with a backlog of repairs with nearly 40,000 square metres repaired.

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