Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Labour candidate suspended over 'deeply offensive' tweets

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Wilma Brown meet customers at the Cupcake Coffee Box during a visit to the High Street in Kirkcaldy last May. Image: Euan Cherry/PA Wire.

The Labour's Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath candidate for this year's general election has been suspended over a series of "deeply offensive" tweets.

Wilma Brown is said to have liked and shared a series of them on topics such as nationality, homophobia, racism and Gaza.

She's been called out for the content, and is being accused of spreading "conspiracy nonsense".

There's calls to sack her. but it is understood she's been suspended pending the outcome of any investigation.

The former nurse and Unison activist also appears to have deleted her social media.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: "The appalling tweets endorsed by the Labour Party candidate for Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy are deeply offensive, racist and completely unacceptable.

"Wilma Brown is clearly unfit to be a candidate at the general election. Sir Keir Starmer must sack her immediately and explain why she was ever selected given her long and very public history of endorsing deeply offensive comments.

"This is a candidate who Keir Starmer has personally endorsed and visited to campaign alongside. He must explain how this was allowed to happen."

Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance said: “I was appalled to learn of the recent revelations surrounding the actions and views of Labour Party candidate Wilma Brown.

“Her association with racist tweets and harmful comments against the LGBT+ community is reprehensible and completely incompatible with the values of the Scottish people.

“The constituents of Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath expect, and deserve, an MP who is committed to the values of equality, diversity and inclusion and not someone with such bigoted and prejudiced views.

“That this is the calibre of candidate the Labour Party want representing this constituency simply beggars belief.

“I noted with concern that the RMT have endorsed Wilma Brown’s nomination. As a progressive and democratic trade union, which is opposed to any form of discrimination, they must surely reconsider their continued support for this candidate.

“Those seeking to serve their communities must do so with integrity and the highest standards of ethical conduct.

“There is no place for prejudice or discrimination in our progressive and inclusive country; swift and decisive action must be taken by the Labour Party against this behaviour.”

Sir Starmer visited Kirkcaldy last May to meet his new candidate.

The news comes after the party sacked former Glenrothes candidate Altany Craik for his "sexy and satanic" fiction novels.

He has since been replaced by Richard Baker, husband of local MSP Claire Baker.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: "The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously.

"They are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriate action is taken.”

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