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maloco + associates limited provide a One-Stop-Shop for all your property needs whether you are a homeowner or a landlord. We also advise on what is generally referred to as Private Client services namely wills, powers of attorney and the winding up of estates, known as executry work.

We believe in doing the simple stuff well. Good quality communication and innovation are the mainstays of our success. Property movies, 3D floor plans and personalised sales schedules were all first brought to the market by us and most recently our unique "Pay What You Want" commission product. Doing these things has seen us sell more property in the Dunfermline area (KY11 and KY12 postcodes) than any other ESPC agent for nine out of the last ten years ( 2006 - 2016 inclusive ). This year properties sold by us have achieved an average of 101% of their asking price and 98.9% of their home report value. We have won many awards for our hard work and commitment to top-tier client service.

But the real secret of our success, what really sets us apart, is our staff. It's the relationships they build in getting to know clients and in understanding their needs that sees many clients return time and time again. Stock solutions and traditional approaches to problems don't always work. A bit like square pegs in round holes, they almost fit ... but not quite! We believe that to deliver real value and benefits a holistic, tailored strategy works best and that is why we are committed to working closely and in partnership with our clients.

Now, of course, all agents will imply that they do things better, that they add value. We can all sell ourselves, after all, it's what we do for a living. We can all talk the talk but do we all walk the walk? Well don't take our word for it but instead, read what the ESPC had to say about us following upon their 2016 Mystery Shopping exercise: -

“I’m delighted to confirm that the area where they ( maloco + associates) really excelled and scored extremely highly was customer service which was very evident throughout the mystery shop. maloco + associates keep the consumer at the heart of their business, building great relationships while delivering truly exceptional customer experience. Their approach is warm and friendly and they are skilled in rapport building. When displaying their strong skills in customer service, time is taken to really understand the consumer’s needs, establishing a positive relationship and leaving their customers with that all important feel good factor. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that maloco + associates are customer service super-pros!"