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What makes us different is our service to the customer and the quality we deliver not only on the installation but the complete service from the inception and the journey to handing the keys over at the end.

Most companies are sales driven, customers are sold a job by a salesman who may have very little practical experience in the building industry, never served an apprenticeship in any trade and has no vision on how things work from beginning to end, whereas our management team have over 100 years' experience, not only on site but in senior management, planning and project management. We feel that we have the technical knowledge perfectly suited to guide our customers down the right path to provide the most suitable solutions to satisfy their individual needs.

To us the customer is paramount, communication is paramount, being able to tell the customer the truth of what will work for them and not pull the wool over their eyes just to save any commission, and then leave them high and dry in the hope that the installation team will solve the problems, you do not get that from us as we can foresee any potential problems and rule them out at source.

Forget sales gimmicks, pressure selling and inflated prices, we will listen to the customer and give you what you need and want. We will give you the latest technology in our market leading window and door systems with Planitherm Total + glass making your home warmer and safer with our enhanced security systems and reduce your fuel bills significantly.

Yes, we do things differently from the rest, if you want it, you get it if it can be done, we don't say you can't or don't want that. The customers we work for expect nothing else, they just want us to do the job right the first time, that is why project management and preparation and time spent with our design team is extremely important.