Fife’s Mystery Tour


Fife’s Mystery Tour is here!

We’ve teamed up with ‘Welcome To Fife’, part of Fife Tourism Partnership, to help you discover some of the Kingdom’s hidden gems… and unlock £1000 cash!

Listen out for your daily clues on Breakfast, Daytime and Drivetime that’ll direct you to an amazing visitor attraction in Fife. 

Then just head along and collect the ‘code number’ from each venue that’ll help you unlock the huge cash prize! At the end of the week you’ll have four numbers that will crack the code and open the box at the last venue. If you’re first to the box, you’ll WIN £1000!

Get ready for a Mystery Tour that’ll have you visiting places all over Fife. Find out more about all that’s great, right on your doorstep, at


Clue #1  - One of the town’s historic buildings was a “bed & breakfast” for pilgrims travelling to St. Andrews.

Clue #2 - Fife’s UNESCO World Heritage site is just down the road.

Clue #3 - A former world snooker champion went to school here.

Clue #4 - You’ll find the clue next to a landmark in the centre of town which features a unicorn!


Clue #1 - You can experience a round of golf as it would have been played 100 years ago, near here.

Clue #2 - There’s a mega maze close by. It’s only there in the summer though, it’s harvested in October and fed to the cattle!

Clue #3 - You can still see the silo from Scotland’s only sugar beet factory here.

Clue #4 - The Proclaimers went to school here.

Clue #5 - Just up the road you can see wolves, otters and other rare Scottish species.

Clue #6 - You’ll find the clue near a venue for music for more than 100 years, in a lovely green place close to the town centre.


Clue #1 - This place is celebrating a big birthday this year.

Clue #2 - There is some amazing town art here including a concrete TV, giant flowers and lots of other quirky objects.

Clue #3 - This place has won lots of awards for its floral displays.

Clue #4 - You can find the remains of ancient stone circles here.

Clue #5 - Hollywood actor Dougray Scott lived here.

Clue #6 - There’s a whisky that share’s this place’s name (but it’s distilled in Speyside).

Clue #7 - This place features in the great tapestry of Scotland.

Clue #8 - You’ll find this clue beside Glenrothes’ very own totem poles!


Clue #1  - This town’s beach features in a very famous painting.

Clue #2  - There are lots of great golf courses close by including one with standing stones on it!

Clue #3  - Fife Coastal Path passes through here.

Clue #4  - You’ll find the clue close to a sculpture that commemorates the Polish 1st Parachute Brigade in World War Two


Clue #1  - This place is famous for its fish and chips. 

Clue #2 - It’s home to a national museum which is celebrating its 50th birthday next year. 

Clue #3 - There’s a fascinating tourist attraction nearby which was once a well-kept secret!

Clue #4 - There’s a Harbour Festival here in the summer. 

Clue #5 - Catch the boat here to visit the puffins on the Isle of May. 

Clue #6 - You’ll find the box at a national museum which is celebrating its 50th birthday next year.