Pete Smith

What celebrity do you secretly fancy?
I talk about her all the time on air so I suppose it’s no secret – Sharleen Spiteri!

If you were a fruit – what would you be and why?
A grapefruit because it’s a little bitter but has an underlying sweetness and is around at breakfast time.

Plain or Pan loaf? 

Every had any “work” done on your body?
None at all. It’s naturally this bad!

What’s your favourite flavour of crisps? 
Cheese & Onion

What time do you get up on a day off? 
Early thanks to the current Mrs Smith!

What the best way to spend a day? 
For me it’s getting time to listen to some new music. Love it!

What’s your favourite word?

Do you prefer to be too cold – or too hot?
I quite like being cold. Ask anyone who is in the studio after me!

Would you prefer to be thirsty or hungry?
Definitely hungry!

What’s your favourite food? 
I have simple tastes – sausages!

How old were you when you got your first mobile phone? 
I think I was 30. Didn’t need one then and don’t really need one now.

Top or Bottom?

What song would you prefer to sing at Karaoke?
I hate Karaoke with a passion but I do love to sing Beatles songs.

If somebody is buying you a drink, what would it be?
Vodka & Diet Coke