Keith Crombie

What celebrity do you secretly fancy ? Kimberley Walsh

If you were a fruit – what you would you be and why ? Has to be a pear coz you can’t beat a nice juicy pear

If you were a piece of furniture - what you would you be and why ? I would be my bed as I never see enough of it

Plain or Pan loaf ? What’s the difference ?

What’s your favourite flavour of crisps ? Tomato Sauce

What time do you get up on a day off ? I have a really annoying habit of still waking up at my normal time – even on a day off

What the best way to spend a day ? Have a long lie, listen to some music and have a nice meal with a wee drink or two.

What’s your favourite word ? Muppetry

Give or Receive ? Receive. Anybody who says give is lying!!!

Did you have a radio idol ? Looking back now Kenny Everett was so far ahead of his time.

Who was the first person you had a crush on ? That’s so long ago I can’t remember

Did you every fancy a teacher ? Don’t think so. Would have got the belt for even thinking about that!!!!

Ketchup or Brown Sauce ? Brown Sauce. Especially the chippy sort

What’s your favourite place to have a meal ? Italian Restaurant

Every had any “work” done on your body ? Ha ha. Have you seen my photos? I’d want a refund. No chance!!!

What was your first car ? Bright Yellow Ford Fiesta known as the custard car

Do you have any nicknames ? Shuffly. It’s a long story

What’s your least and favourite part of your body ? Least my legs – they’re too short.

What’s your favourite part of your body ? My eyes

What was your best holiday ever ? Yugoslavia. An amazing country and my first trip abroad. Never been back though!!

Forget and Forgive ? Sometimes

Horizontal or Vertical ? Horizontal. Height then doesn’t matter

What colour best represents you ? Tartan

Phone people or Text people ? Text

Do you prefer to be too cold – or too hot ? Too cold. I don’t cope with high temperatures very well. I turn into Mr Grumpy.

Would you prefer to be thirsty or hungry ? Thirsty. I can go all day without drinking. I know it’s not good though.

What’s your favourite food ? Chocolate

How old were you when you got your first mobile phone ?


Did your parents ever tell you lies as a child ?

Don’t they all?

Top or Bottom ?


What song would you prefer to sing at Karaoke ?

The Elton John tune Daniel is my speciality

If somebody is buying you a drink, what would it be ?

Whisky & lemonade

What’s your favourite pizza topping ?

Mr boring cheese & tomato

What games did you play as kid ?

Monopoly, connect 4 and game of life board games

If you could meet with anybody for lunch tomorrow – who would it be ?

I’m not bothered as long as they pay

Zip or Buttons ?

Do Cadbury’s make zips?

Bus or Train ?

Train all the time

What mobile phone network are you on ?

3……’s the magic number!!!