Euan Notman

Euan Notman presents Kingdom Daytime from 10am-2pm, starting with the Top 10 at 10. We're putting the spotlight on a different year every morning, but remember every Friday it's eighties Friday.

Euan came in to radio from the world of banking. He used to be the guy that gave you a concerned phone call when your account was overdrawn, these days he's more likely to be giving you the chance to win money on his show!

At 1:15 Euan takes on Matt from Kingdom Evenings on Google Predicts, can they name the top google search for example

Can I have a....?  Who knew the top answer would be Cheeseburger!!!

You can also catch him on Saturday breakfast where he plays just after 9 "Where in Fife is Euan's Wife" see if you can track down where in Fife Euan's wife is from the clues.

During the summer holidays Euan invited listeners to sit in on Kingdom Daytime, here are just a few of the highlights

Take on your boss for the chance to leave work early on Beat The Boss

Listen again to Fife Hyundai on Beat The Boss

Some of the guests on the show include Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, Alexandra Burke, Train and KT Tunstall

Euan takes the show on tour around Fife.  Here he is broadcasting live from St Andrews Aquarium with a "deadly" spider in his hand.  How worried does he look!

Also on Kingdom Daytime around Christmas Euan auctions himself off to raise money for our charity Kingdom Kids.  In the past he has been a chimney sweep for A H Fireplaces, worked for Paint-tec and as an undertaker for Alex Little Funeral Directors in Methil

Euan Notman Auction for Kingdom Kids

EUAN: Here's what happened when I went chimney sweeping with Shirley from AH Fireplaces. They, along with Paint Tec Accident Repair Centre, won me when I auctioned myself off for Kingdom Kids.

Posted by KingdomFM on Friday, December 30, 2016