Rosyth and Kinghorn Pupils Commit to 3P Pledge

After school events held by Wild Planet Explorers, 1,240 children from four Fife primary schools committed to only flush the three Ps in an effort to reduce marine litter.

Joanna McFarlane from Wild Planet Explorers teamed up with Scottish Water to put on events in schools across the Kingdom as part of a campaign that raises awareness of what items should not be put down the toilet.

Ms McFarlane partakes in beach cleans on the Fife coastline and told Kingdom FM News that the most common items found from sewage waste are cotton buds and sanitary products.

By signing the 3P Pledge, children and parents from Rosyth and Kinghorn committed to only flushing pee, poo and toilet paper.

The interactive school workshops encourage environmental awareness for the benefit of marine wildlife and to reduce sewage system blockages.

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