'Outlander effect' continues as Fife visitors spend more than ever before

Dunfermline Abbey, which featured in TV drama 'Outlaw King', draws visitors to Fife

Tourism bosses are crediting a strong pound and the opening of the V&A museum in Dundee with helping bring over eight million visitors into Fife over the last year.

They spent £588m here during 2018, a rise of 3% on the year before.

In addition, the number of people following the 'Welcome to Fife' Instagram account has more than tripled from 87,000 to 267,000 dince 2017.

Fans of TV shows Outlander and Outlaw King are among those flocking to Fife's attractions.

Fife Tourism Partnership Manager, Ann Camus, said: "Fife’s tourism continues to thrive, which is fantastic to see in such an uncertain economic climate. 

"We have always taken a collaborative approach to the region’s tourism offering and this year has been no exception. 

"Local businesses are at the heart of what we do, which is why we value their contributions to Fife’s Tourism and Events Strategy to highlight future priorities and growth trajectory.

"There is a clear appetite for visitors coming to Fife as a tourist destination further marked by a 76% increase of users to welcometofife.com, coupled with reaching over eight million people internationally through our Fife Five campaign in partnership with VisitScotland. 

"We endeavour to make Fife accessible to everyone and have worked hard to improve facilities over the last year.

"We have plenty to be excited about over the coming months, and I am confident it will be well received by local, national and international visitors to continue developing and growing Fife’s prosperous tourism industry."

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