NHS Fife denies there is a 'do not resuscitate' policy on coronavirus patients

NHS Fife insists there is no 'do not resuscitate' policy on patients with the coronavirus.

It was claimed from sources within wards there was an instruction not to resuscitate patients with COVID-19, because of fears the virus could spread.

But the health board's Medical Director says such a policy doesn't exist.

Dr Chris McKenna said: “In common with healthcare providers across the UK, NHS Fife performs resuscitation in line with guidance provided by the Resuscitation Council UK.

“There is no policy in place preventing staff from performing resuscitation on patients with COVID-19.

"The care we provide to all patients is person centred, with any clinical decisions made based entirely on the individual and their particular circumstances.

“A huge amount of work has been carried out over recent weeks to prepare our services for the anticipated increase in demand, and enable us to provide the best possible care to those who need it, regardless of whether they have COVID-19 or not.”

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