New walk-through lemur enclosure opening at Fife Zoo

A new walk-through lemur enclosure is opening at Fife Zoo today.

The attraction is now home to ten ring-tailed lemurs, an endangered species unique to Madagascar in east Africa.

At a cost of more than £25,000, it has taken nearly two years to create a bespoke, temperature-controlled lemur house.

There are areas of long grasses, trees, rocky areas, and climbing structures to promote their natural behaviours and make sure that the lemurs are happy and healthy.

Fife Zoo has had a range of setbacks, including two fires last year and earlier this year, alongside the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

But despite this, the zoo has continued to be developed as a centre for wildlife conservation and education.

Michael Knight, the zoo's director, is telling Kingdom FM in the video above more about the lemurs.

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