Mossmorran bosses apologise for elevated noise level

Locals near Mossmorran have complained about elevated noise levels at the plant

Those living near the petrochemical plant say it has been louder than normal.

Work at the Mossmorran Petrochemical plant, which has been causing elevated noise levels, is due to come to an end on Tuesday (July 30). 

It is been caused by work cleaning a furnace at the Fife site. 

Bosses at Exonnmobil have apologised to those living in the surrounding communities who have been affected by it. 

A spokesperson for the Fife Ethylene Plant said: “We have been undertaking a routine de-coke of one of our furnaces.

"This procedure can produce a short period of elevated noise due to the increased injection of steam into the furnace.

"The process will be completed today and we apologise if this work has caused any inconvenience to local communities.”

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