More than 100 fines handed out at weekend house parties

Police were called to at least 300 house parties in Scotland over the weekend.

It came after new restrictions were introduced - banning people from mixing with other households indoors.

Officers handed out 101 fines and made 14 arrests. They also had to force entry to three properties.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone says most people complied with the restrictions - along with a new 10pm curfew for pubs and restaurants.

He said: "Highly restrictive measures on our lives, freedoms, and daily routines are in place as, collectively, we respond to this public health emergency.

"Policing is here to support people and to help everyone to do the right thing, to prevent the spread of the virus. Officers will use good sense and exercise the discretion that is integral to the office of constable, to work with citizens to support the implementation of these new rules.

"The experience of the last six months is that the great majority of people are taking personal responsibility to do the right thing because they know that at this time physical distancing is the significant intervention that can be made to save lives.

"I am grateful for the support and co-operation of the public and the licensed trade which continued over the weekend. I also want to again underline my admiration and compassion for young people and students who have responded so well to the pandemic at this crucial time of their lives."

Analysis suggests house parties are being held across the country in every community and age group.

Mr Livingstone said: "There is no doubt that house parties or house gatherings are not permitted and there can be no excuse for arranging, attending, or hosting a house party. It is against the law.

"Where officers encounter blatant, wilful, or persistent breaches, we will take decisive action to enforce the law."

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