Government urged to 'quicken' cut in APD

Other European countries charge less in APD

Scottish airport bosses are renewing their calls for a tax on flying to be cut in half.

It is as a report out today claims the country is 'lagging behind' other European nations in the number of destinations people can fly to.

Out of 11 similarly-sized countries, Scotland has the fewest direct long-haul flights - but the highest rates of Air Passenger Duty.

The tax starts at £13 for short European journeys but can be as high as £97 for long haul flights.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: "This new report backs up what we have consistently said – Scotland’s aviation industry is hamstrung by what airlines see as a restrictive tax regime, and that must change if we were to unleash the true potential that is has.

"We are adding more and more routes and handling more passengers than ever before, and while this tremendous growth is welcomed by the Scottish Government, we continue to come up against a headwind that restricts the industry’s desire to grow and establish a level playing field with our European competitors.

"The Scottish Government must deliver on its promise to half Air Passenger Duty if we are to deliver that economic growth for the benefit of the whole country. Airports, airlines and travel companies are ready to seize the opportunity and position Scotland as a growth market and bring more tourism and business to the country, but the government must show leadership and the same enthusiasm if we are to succeed."

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