LISTEN: Glenrothes business owners support Fife Council's latest business development

Businesses are welcoming Fife Council's decision to build new business units at the Queensway Industrial Estate. 

Work to build nine single storey units within the estate will start in the autumn as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. 

It's the starting place for a 15-year-programme of economic development in the region through the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. 

General manager of Jack's Auto-car Care Jack McDowell said he thinks it's the boost the area needs:

Fife Council Co-Leader, Councillor David Alexander, said: "This is a major economic opportunity for the businesses that will be able to expand into the new units and those investing in the sites delivered by the programme. The programme will also provide a boost to the economy through construction activity.”

“This project, now on its way to becoming a reality, will be the first visible sign of the positive changes that the City Region Deal will bring to Fife.

“Through the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal regional partners will secure more than £1.3 billion of investment for the city region over the next 15 years.  We believe that this can create clear opportunities for genuine inclusive economic growth and investment in Fife.  

“The Deal focuses on growing the regional economy through collaboration and by being outward-looking, building on the region’s existing strengths in key sectors and industries. Our Fife Industrial Innovation Investment programme will increase the supply of serviced employment land and new industrial, office and business space in Fife.”

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