Fife's Covid-19 staff facing rising cases of abuse from patients

Health workers in Fife have urged people to show more respect - after a rise in cases of abuse from patients receiving their Covid-19 vaccine.

Four mass vaccination centres are currently in operation across the Kingdom, with more than 219,000 people in the Kingdom having received their first dose so far.

But NHS Fife says a rising number of those people are being "aggressive" towards staff.

In a video posted on social media (below) senior immunisation practitioner Lauren said: "If you are coming to one of our clinics to be vaccinated against Covid-19, please be aware that our staff are here to help you and not to be abused.

"We're experiencing a higher number of incidents of aggression, mainly surrounding which vaccines people are receiving.

"Myself and my colleagues are here to work without fear, and unless there is a clinical reason for receiving a specific brand of vaccine, people will be allocated a vaccine at their clinic.

"All Covid-19 vaccines in the UK are both safe and effective, and we encourage everyone to accept their invitation to be vaccinated when they are eligible."



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