Fife MSP calls for 20mph limits in built up areas across Scotland

The transport secretary is being asked to get behind a bill that would see speed limits in residential areas reduced to 20 miles per hour.

Some parts of Scotland, including Fife, already see lower speeds in built up areas - but others are still allowing cars to travel at up to 30 mph.

The bill, which has been brought by Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell, is in a bid to have the policy changed across the country.

Mr Ruskell said: 

“All the evidence demonstrates that introducing a 20mph limit in residential areas across Scotland would save lives. We’ve known that a majority of the public have backed safer streets for some time, and it’s great to see an ever clearer majority in this latest poll. 

“It’s clear that people across the country recognise the benefits of introducing a default 20mph limit in their communities.  

“Given the evidence, and the public backing my proposition has, it is now time for the Scottish Government to get behind my bill, ensuring that we put the lives of children ahead of maintaining the status quo.”

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