Fife General Election results in full

With Labour's victory already assured, here's how people in the Kingdom voted in this election.

Three constituencies which were held by the SNP have now swung to Keir Starmer's Labour Party.

Glenrothes and Mid Fife have elected Richard Baker, with the Labour candidate winning nearly 16,000 votes.

In second was the SNP's John Beare, who replaced Peter Grant as the party's candidate after the MP decided to step down at this election. This election's surprise package, Reform UK finished third, followed by the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats.

Here's how the result went:

  • Richard Baker (Labour): 15,994
  • John Beare (SNP): 13,040
  • Debbie MacCallum (Scottish Conservative and Unionist): 1,973
  • Jill Mary Reilly (Scottish Liberal Democrats): 1,604
  • Ian Sinclair Smith (Reform UK): 3,528

Dunfermline and Dollar produced a resounding Labour gain from the SNP, with Graeme Downie winning more than 20,000 votes, over 8,000 more than the SNP's Naz Anis-Miah.

Conservative candidate, Thomas Heald, narrowly beat the Lib Dems' Lauren Buchanan-Quigley to third place. They were followed by Reform UK's Udo van den Brock and Ryan Blackadder from the Scottish Greens.

Here's how the result went:

  • Graeme James Downie (Scottish Labour Party): 20,336
  • Naz Anis-Miah (SNP): 12,095
  • Thomas John Heald (Scottish Conservative and Unionist): 3,297
  • Lauren Buchanan-Quigley (Scottish Liberal Democrats): 3,181
  • Udo Van Den Brock (Reform UK): 2,887
  • Ryan Blackadder (Scottish Greens): 2,078
  • Graham Wilson Hadley (Independent): 324
  • Danny Smith (Scottish Family Party): 251
  • George Morton (Independent): 88

Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy have elected Labour's Melanie Ward as their MP. She won more than 18,500 votes, significantly more than the SNP candidate, Lesley Backhouse, who won around 11,400. The candidate who won the previous seat in 2019 was Neale Hanvey for the SNP, who's since defected to ALBA. Hanvey won over 16,000 votes in 2019, but received a little over 1,000 standing for Alex Salmond's party. He finished seventh behind the Tories, Reform UK, the Lib Dems and the Scottish Greens. 

Here's how the result went:

  • Melanie Claire Ward (Scottish Labour Party): 18,662
  • Lesley Rankin Backhouse (SNP): 11,414
  • Jonathan Dunlop Gray (Scottish Conservative and Unionist): 3,203
  • Sonia Davidson (Reform UK): 3,128
  • Fraser John Ashmore Graham (Scottish Liberal Democrats): 1,593
  • Mags Hall (Scottish Greens): 1,556
  • Neale Hanvey (Alba Party: Yes to Scottish Independence): 1,132
  • Calum John Paul (Scottish Libertarian Party): 126

North East Fife have bucked the Labour trend by sticking with Liberal Democrat candidate, Wendy Chamberlain. The seat was expected to be a close race between herself and the SNP's Stefan Hoggan-Radu, however there was a gap of more than 13,000 votes between the two. Wendy Chamberlain finished firmly in first with more than 23,000 votes, followed by the SNP, Labour, Reform UK, the Conservatives and the Scottish Greens.

Here's how the result went:

  • Wendy Anne Chamberlain (Scottish Liberal Democrats): 23,384
  • Stefan Hoggan-Radu (SNP): 9,905
  • Jennifer Gallagher (Scottish Labour Party): 4,026
  • Matthew Wren (Reform UK): 2,094
  • Bill Bowman (Scottish Conservative and Unionist): 1,666
  • Morven Ovenstone-Jones (Scottish Greens): 1,653

The full election results will not be confirmed today, but the Labour Party have already cemented themselves as the dominant party in Scotland at Westminster once again. They've gained 36 new seats at the time of writing, whilst the SNP have lost 38, producing their worst general election performance in over a decade.

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