FIFE ELECTION ROUNDUP: SNP's Gethins loses North East Fife while independent Hanvey wins Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath

It was a mixed night for the SNP in Fife with two wins and the loss of a key seat in the general election.

Stephen Gethins lost out to Wendy Chamberlain of the Liberal Democrats in North East Fife.

She secured a win with more than a 1,300 vote majority over the SNP.

Last time in 2017, Mr Gethins held onto the constituency with a majority of just 2 votes - this represented the smallest majority across the UK in any constituency around two and a half years ago.

But there was better luck for Nicola Sturgeon's party in Glenrothes and Dunfermline and West Fife.

Peter Grant and Douglas Chapman won their third successive elections in both seats respectively.

In Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, independent candidate Neale Hanvey defeated Labour's Lesley Laird with a majority of more than 1,200 votes.

The result comes despite Hanvey being suspended by the SNP last month over past antisemitic social media posts, which he has apologised for.

The suspension happened after the deadline for nominations passed meaning his name still appeared beside the SNP on the ballot papers in the constituency.

A summary of the results are below:


1st - Wendy Chamberlain, Liberal Democrats: 19,763

2nd - Stephen Gethins, Scottish National Party: 18,447

3rd - Tony Miklinski, Conservatives: 5,961

4th - Wendy Haynes, Labour: 1,707

Turnout: 75.6%


1st - Peter Grant, Scottish National Party: 21,234

2nd - Pat Egan, Labour: 9,477

3rd - Amy Thomson, Conservatives: 6,920

4th - Jane Ann Liston, Liberal Democrats: 2,639

5th - Victor Farrell, Brexit Party*: 1,276

* = Brexit Party withdrew support

Turnout: 63.29%


1st - Neale Hanvey, independent*: 16,568

2nd - Lesley Laird, Labour: 15,325

3rd - Kathleen Leslie, Conservatives: 9,449

4th - Gill Cole-Hamilton, Liberal Democrats: 2,903

5th - Scott Rutherford, Greens: 1,628

6th - Mitch William, Brexit Party: 1,132

* = Scottish National Party withdrew support

Turnout: 64.69%


1st - Douglas Chapman, Scottish National Party: 23,727

2nd - Cara Hilton, Labour: 13,028

3rd - Moira Benny, Conservatives: 11,207

4th - Rebecca Bell, Liberal Democrats: 4,262

5th - Mags Hall, Greens: 1,258

Turnout: 69.95%

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