Cupar man's desperate plea for family in Yemen makes PMQs

A Cupar man's desperate plea to return his family from Yemen has reached the UK Parliament.

Adam Alakil is urging the Prime Minister to protect his family, who are currently stuck in war-torn Yemen.

Mr. Alakil who lives in Cupar, Fife - and his two young children, all hold British passports. 

However the mother who has a Yemeni passport has been told she must travel to Khartoum in Sudan to pass a language test before she can obtain a spousal visa for the UK.

The children, Hashem, 9, and Tasnim, 7, were stranded in Yemen with their mother after the family became trapped in the country following the father's attempts to complete their paperwork in 2014. 

They must now wait in Khartoum - itself in the midst of political instability - in order for their mother to go through the application process.

Commenting following PMQs, Stephen Gethins MP said:

“This week marks the fourth anniversary of the devastating war in Yemen, a conflict where many ordinary families are paying the price and are suffering at the hands of a humanitarian catastrophe.

“My constituent Adam Alakil is in the unimaginable position where his Yemeni wife and two young children – who both hold British passports – were trapped in Yemen. 

"They have already had experiences that no child should have to endure. 

"Now they have been told by the Home Office that they must make the perilous journey from Sana’a to Khartoum, itself suffering from unrest, in order for their mother to sit a language test.

“It is utterly unacceptable that the Home Office is putting a language test before the safety and security of two young children and their mother.

“I have raised this case with UK government ministers previously to no avail.

"I have now raised this directly with the Prime Minister and she must now intervene to protect this young family. 

"Mr Alakil has a home and a job in Cupar, he can offer his family a place of safety.

“I briefed the Prime Minister before I questioned her today and so I was disappointed that she did not taken the opportunity to act. 

"The Prime Minister must end the family’s nightmare and reunite this family in Cupar by putting the safety and lives of innocent children before the hostile policies pursued by the Home Office. 

"Words are not enough, she must take action."

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