Calls for 'Paws Clause' to be introduced in Scotland

Some temporary accommodation does not allow pets

There are calls this morning for the Scottish Government to allow homless people to take their pets into temporary accommodation.

Some people without a home are unable to take their animals into hostels, so are forced onto the streets as they don't want to be separated from them.

Homeless people are also forced to be parted from their pets when they find council housing as some landlords don't allow pets in the property.

Labour MSP Claudia Beamish set up the 'Paws Clause' campaign and said:

"I was hugely gratified to read the positive response to my ‘Paws Clause’ consultation. To many vulnerable people, their pet is a vital lifeline.

"Pets act as someone to talk to when there is no one else to confide in, they are a way of growing compassion, responsibility, and empathy.

"Pets have been also been proven to improve people’s mental and physical health, including studies showing reductions in heart disease in pet owners.

"It's a commonly held truth that having a pet can help you get through tough times.

"I’m hugely grateful to organisations like Shelter, Fostering Compassion, Scottish Women’s Aid and the Dog’s Trust for their input to my consultation, along with all of the members of the public who shared their stories with me.

"It is their suggestions and stories which have shaped our plan of action in this area.

"I believe that, with the advice we have and will continue to receive, we will be able to make a small change for people facing hard times that will make a huge difference to their quality of life.

"We will also be developing our manifesto on these and other important animal welfare issues over the coming months and I am keen to hear from organisations and individuals across Scotland."

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