Slow Down



Slow Down for Schools

Fife Community Safety Partnership want to encourage you to slow down for schools.

Fife schools are due to start back so we want to remind you of the importance to stay alert and SLOW DOWN FOR SCHOOLS especially from 8-9 in the mornings and 3-4 in the afternoons. 

Research shows that lower speeds reduces the number of collisions and casualties and where collisions do happen there is less risk of fatal injury. Remember it is 20mph outside every school in Fife during school times. 

Travelling at 40mph there is an 80% chance of fatality for a pedestrian being in a road traffic collision, this reduces to 40% at 30mph but more importantly this significantly reduces to 5% at 20mph. 

A child is much more likely to be badly hurt by a car travelling at 30mph than at 20mph. Drivers reducing their speed could literally be the difference between life and death. 

Research shows that playing up tempo music increases the chances of drivers increasing their speed and could also increase a drivers reaction time. So consider what music you are playing in your car and consider lowering the volume and see what effect that can have on your driving style.


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